Step Two: Sustainable Daily Practices

Sustainability is the ability of systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely.  At DMS, this is what we strive to offer our clients on an ongoing basis – indefinite productivity.  To achieve this, the processes we set in place and support for your business must be efficient, enforceable and reproducible.

DMS brings to the table over 15 years of experience in small and medium sized business management and growth.  What this translates to is a huge knowledge base of what does and doesn’t work over a myriad of different industry sectors.  As we have built that knowledge base, we have also set rigorous standards and procedures in place that produce organic and sustainable results.  Your company is now in a position to reap the benefits of those procedures which have proven effective over the years.

We will work with your current staff, hand-in-hand, to either support by managing specific functions, or step in as a team player to handle the areas where your staff’s expertise is lacking.  We can train, provide written procedures, and come alongside your employees as needed to ensure they are functioning at maximum productivity while using DMS as a professional partner to your success.  We are meant to be an extension of your employee base, undergirding the processes we set in place for your business to ensure compliance and a forward movement of your brand.

Once your processes are in place and DMS is firmly anchored as a support to your staff, it is time to look to the long term growth of your brand.

Step Three: Long Term Growth


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