Accounts Payable

Our accounts payable solution streamlines bill processing, helping you dramatically reduce costs and gain control over your payables.  By simplifying the management process, we provide you full visibility into your spending needs and habits.  

DMS can help you with:

  • Weekly or monthly vendor and contractor payments on the schedule of your choice.
  • Form W9 tracking to keep you in compliance with IRS regulations and year end 1099 processing.
  • Automated bill receipt and payment using our third party partner which allows you to be billed electronically and vendors paid via ACH.  No manual checkbook needed.
  • One-click approvals and payments made any time, from any device.
  • Our payables software integrates seamlessly with our accounting platform, eliminating time-consuming data entry and ensuring your bill payments are processed quickly.
  • Advanced technology which fetches new bills directly from key providers, eliminating the need to even send us copies of the payable. The bill is automatically loaded, coded for payment, approved and monies disbursed without the need for time consuming back and forth communication.
  • Bill images stored and easily searchable should a bill need to be viewed at any time.
  • Year end 1099 and 1096 processing and e-filing.


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