Standard Bookkeeping

From shoeboxes to spreadsheets, we've seen bookkeeping done many ways....but that doesn't always mean its done well!  DMS sets in place a solid financial framework with our standard bookkeeping practices on which we then build our accounting solutions that match the needs of your business and the size of your budget.  This way, you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits.

Our standard bookkeeping includes:

  • Reconciliation of your bank, credit card and other accounts on the schedule you choose - daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Intercompany transfers and reconciliations to be sure your business and personal funds remain separate and every tax benefit is made available to you.
  • The reporting schedule of your choice to ensure you know the financial health of your business and where you can improve your cash flow.
  • A custom dashboard of all your accounts in one place for easy viewing, providing a birds-eye snapshot of where your money is and where its going.
  • Receipt and expense tracking using our easy upload app.  With the click of a mobile button, get purchase items and receipts over to us without having to transfer, share or attach to an email.
  • Peace of mind that a team of professionals is watching over your cash to detect and prevent unjustified charges or fraudulent activity on your accounts.

Solid bookkeeping is the framework on which all healthy financial processes are built.  At DMS, all of our clients must be supported by our staff in their basic bookkeeping needs before we can build on additional accounting services.  This ensures that the building blocks needed to support your business remain in place and are professionally managed by our team members.


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