Clients for whom we handle their invoicing and AR may also align with our collections services.  We are not a debt collection agency.  We handle non-paying customers by establishing relationships.  As your finance department, DMS will approach your customers with the same high level of professionalism that we approach our own clients.  This means that during the invoicing process, your customers will hear from us as an extension of you when we submit their invoices, follow up on payments and answer basic AR related questions.  With this, we establish relationships and an open communication.  This enables us to seamlessly step into the role of collections agent should the need arise. 

This professional foundation means our in-house collections team has maintained a 99% success rate on collecting past due debt as we are intrinsically involved in the process before a payment ever falls past due.  Our collections process keeps you in the loop every step of the way as we provide aging reports, contact notes and customer response updates so you are never in the dark or put in a position of embarrassment on who is late paying.  This not only removes you from a potentially uncomfortable situation, but also provides you with intelligent information if you are in a position of bidding a new contract with a potentially non-paying customer. 

Bottom line, our collections efforts dovetail into our invoicing process so seamlessly that it is a natural fit to add the collections service on to your AR package, enabling a streamlined cash flow directly to your bank account.


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