Meet Our Team

Kimberlee Augustine

As owner and president of DMS & Associates, Kimberlee’s passion for helping clients is unmatched.  Her central vision has always been to keep a focus on what the client’s business means to them: their livelihood, their hard work and ultimately their success.  She moves forward with a determination to never let her processes become stagnant and is always dreaming up new innovations that will streamline DMS services and generate increased profitability for her clients.  As the co-author of Cloud Computing Simplified for Small Businesses, Kimberlee has positioned herself on the leading edge of office automation on the cloud.  She has a wide variety of interests outside of her work and is an accomplished motocross, Baja and desert bike racer as well as an avid gardener with a love of Koi fish that keeps her mesmerized in her back yard whenever she is not working with clients!


With DMS for over seven years, Lois has worn many hats at the office and currently handles new client onboarding and company infrastructure, as well as online marketing and social media.  Over the years she has managed all aspects of our client bookkeeping, human resources and is a master at building relationships with customers and vendors, enabling her to professionally take on the role of collections agent for our clients.  Lois hails from Quebec, Canada, where she loves to visit family so she can practice her French, and she has a boundless passion for underprivileged children.  She and her husband have adopted four foster sons.


Don’t let Sandra’s soft spoken ways fool you!  She is a finance pitbull and can hunt down any accounting question and bring about a swift resolution.  She loves puzzles and puts that to good use as our in-house Excel guru and developer of custom financial reports for our clients.  With a degree from The University of Texas at Austin, Sandra holds our Banking Manager position, as well as taking the accounting lead for a number of our clients.  As a high school grad her illustrious career kicked off with a stint as a builder of fiberglass pools – we’re not sure how that transitioned into accounting, but we’re thrilled that her career path brought her to DMS!


Vince came to DMS with many years of bookkeeping and accounting experience under his belt, with varied clientele ranging from major construction developments to non-profit organizations and political action committees.  Currently working his way through the CPA examinations, Vince is adept at handling client accounts on both QuickBooks Enterprise and Online platforms.  He quickly mastered the varied needs of our diverse clientele and handles many of our clients for whom we manage both their corporate and personal bookkeeping.  A true Italian at heart, thanks to his Grandad who emigrated from Italy, Vince is an active member of the local Italian club and true to his roots, loves to make his own craft beer, wine and cheese.  We have yet to discover if he’s hiding a vineyard in his backyard!


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